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Deal With It

The Little Fuller Band

Sitting On Top of the World

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Well I woke up at dawn with a girl under my arm and a smile plastered on my face
She crawled out of bed dragged a comb across her head, she was an angle that the devil must have raised
she lean and long, pretty good with a song and like a switch she can turn me on
She’s alright, says I can do no wrong I’m sitting on top of the world

Now things are going good, just like they should and this music well it aint half bad
I got adoring fans that are clapping their hands this sure aint no flash in the pan
‘cause there’s a man over there waving dough in the air he said he’s gonna make me a millionaire,
pretty soon I won’t have a single care I’m just sitting on top of the world

Sitting here on top of the world just as pretty as can be
Sitting here on top of the world
don’t you wish you were more like me (repeat)

Well the boss man said if you want to make the bread you gotta take this show on the road
so I packed up my gear, hit the frontier said look out world here I go
now friends come and go just like a traveling show I had to give up my house and home
sometimes I feel like I’m so alone just sitting on top of the world

Sitting here on top of the world is this how it’s supposed to be
Sitting here on top of the world
are you sure you want to be like me (repeat)

Now your whisky and wine, your real good time, they just keep rolling on in
and your fortune and fame, having to play your game I try to catch up but just can’t win
and I think back to that place with that girl and her face and how I wish I could slide into that space
my good times they left without a trace just sitting on top of the world

Sitting here on top of the world with nothing left to do
Seem I’d give this whole life up to be with you
sitting here just thinking, of that pretty little girl
what do I gotta do to get back to her world

When I see her I’m gonna give her a twirl
and I’ll be sitting on top of the world (repeat)

Run Little Girl

written by Tim McCaffrey

Run little girl
Run so far away
You don’t have to live your life blind
“Cause I can see
You’d rather be free
So, run little girl and leave the world behind
La, la, la…

When you were a kid
You did what the others did
But it left you feeling empty inside
Despite your poor soul
You dug yourself a hole
And I could hear you scream as you jumped inside


You punch and you spit
Taking everybody’s shit
But it’s time for you to move on
‘Cause if I were you
I’d already be through
So run back to where you belong


Now you know, and so your wise
You see with grownup eyes
Slam the door and get out on your own
Your soul is black and blue
You know just what to do
Grab your coat and your shoes and run back home

Double la, la’s
Slow La la’s


Written by Tim McCaffrey

Well I rolled in on a friday and you wouldn’t believe what I seen
It was a fat man with a Rolls and a diamond ring
I slipt into his pocket wasn’t nothing you could do to stop me
now he’s down and out and I’m living like a king

Cause I paid my dues, done my time
All of that money has got me feeling fine
I want to thank you but it’s time for me to go
Yea I done my tome, paid my dues
now I got to get on them traveling shoes
I want to thank you but I’ve got to hit the road

Well the next town was slicing butter A grifters paradise
I was a big black cat surrounded by a bunch of mice
I took what they were giving just like old god in heaven
Cause if you’re serving pie well I’m gonna take a slice


This easy living, it carries a hefty load
but I’ll shoulder the weight with my pockets filled with gold
Sometimes it’s lonely, but it’s the price you have to pay
to keep the sun shining on me everyday

Now that rail dropped me off in the city and I just can’t tell a lie
stealing candy from the babies I had buckets of money piled high
and as for you police men, well I really don’t give a damn
I keep them blurry with the cocaine, the whisky and the wine

Chorus (repeat)


Written by Tim McCaffrey

Well I came in on the scene and the lights have already crystalized
it sure wasn’t familiar but you were there much to my surprise
So I cut past the smoke and the coke cut up on the mirror
When I got to your corner thought had the feeling that this all would disappear

Pre Chorus:
For a moment my mind was blown
I was scared and felt so alone
I was staring my death in the face, got to get out of this place
Head for the sea

I’l be gone (repeat)

Busted through the crowd and made my way straight to the sand
Bodies intertwined just like that gypsy caravan
but those flames licked the face of that once self appointed king
and as I reached the tree line I swear I heard the whole crowd sing

Pre Chorus:
You can’t leave you’re the host of this night
there were three more acts, a love scene of sweet delight
I was born of concrete and steel and now I do feel
I’m gonna tear up these roots

and I’ll be gone (repeat)

Racing through the forest I already heard the ocean and her tides
And I’ll peel off the skin that has trapped this soul inside
when the waves crash over me, I’ll e standing, nothing left to hide
And the light on the horizon has got her arms open wide

Sweet salvation, hold me close in your arms
no more desperation
because it’s flown, now I’m grown
Now I’m home, now I’m home
Now I’m home, yes i”m home

Yes I’m free, Yes I’m free

Because I peeled off the skin that has trapped my soul inside

Deal With It

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Well you fell down on your face and your place is at my boots in the mud
Ya your looking for a hand so you can stand to fill your black heart up with love
oh your eyes are filled with lies, and I despise your wicked and evil ways
Ya you blame me for your pain because I found myself a new game to play

Ya when that light finally shines on you you’re gonna have to deal with it
Ya when that light shines on you you’re gonna have to deal with it.

Well you broke that camels back with a stack of needles shoved in the hay
Ya you thought that I would come and be the one to help you carry on your way
Oh, my friend this is the end of a life that we will share together
and I hate to speak the words, but there’s just no such thing as forever, no, no, no



Written by Tim McCaffrey

She packed her bags once more for the last time
the last time has come again and again
she don’t know the gifts that she brings to the table
and a cottonwood's only happy in the spring

He doesn’t have the courage to tell her goodbye
she don’t have the mind to listen to his sin
a rocking chair is easy but it sure as hell aint stable
and a cottonwood is only happy in the spring

But the spring time is just around the corner
it’s time for you to crawl out of your tomb
the clouds they have parted and the days they are warmer
cottonwood blossom it’s time for you to bloom

The shadows seem to be a place where you can fly
imagine all the paces that you’ve been
you dream to yourself if only I were able
and a cottonwood is only happy in the spring

at dusk is where the strangers start to pry
and you’re reminded of all the bad you’ve been in
you wish you could smooth your past as soft as sable
and a cottonwood is only happy in the spring


She packed her bags once more for the last time
the last time has come again and again
she don’t know the gifts that she brings to the table
and a cottonwood's only happy in the spring

Playing In the Band

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Margret Cole sold her sole or maybe she gave it away
She wanted to climb out of that whole and find a new place to stay
So she packed her bags and hit the road Nearly made it to the county line
But that fifth of gin wouldn’t let her win And she stayed there ‘till the end of time

Stomp your feet to the rhythm
I want to hear you clapping your hands
‘cause tonight’s the night that everybody is going to be
playing in the band
yeah, tonight everybody will be playing in the band

Darren Lee was a friend to me all the way until his bitter end
He wanted to go out with a bang and he always had his hand to lend
He left his wife and his three small boys waiting there at the foot of his bed
We it wasn’t a bang, it was the bells that rang When I heard him take his last breath


Mr. Fowler could pound a whole growler in less than 30 seconds flat
He lived his life under an ivory tower but we never gave much thought to that
When the semi came and blew him away, the whole town fell and wept
He wore brass rings but lived like a king and he never had a single regret


Sweet Miss Blair had long blonde hair and a smile from ear to ear
She liked to hang tough with the boys and I never seen her shed a tear
On her last day she saw Jerry play as she held on to that rail
And where she rests is anybody’s guess but I can guarantee she’s raising hell




The Little Fuller Band

Why Don’t You Love Me

Written by Tim McCAffrey

I might be the first to admit I’m not perfect
Because I have been missing for quite some time
And I know that I spend to much time in the bar
But why don’t you love me no more

Yes, I killed all of your house plants
And you’re still mad because I pawned your ring
But listening to you complain really seems like a chore
But, why don’t you love me no more

Why don’t you love me
You give me no reason
You just roll your eyes
When I ask what for.

I would have bought you flowers
But my gambling made me poor
Why don’t you love me no more

Last night, drunk, I wrecked your new car
And your still mad because I killed your dog
And I only cheated once or twice I’m pretty sure
So, why don’t you love me no more


You never visit me in jail
You say I’m rotten to the core
But why don’t you love me no more
Oh, why don’t you love me no more.

Time For You To Go

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Man- You said to me that I’m a stranger
I heard you say that you don’t know me anymore
And that’s a war that we fight, It has no winners anyway
And so today, I’ll be on my way

Woman- Think it was busted from the start
I don’t see you healing up this broken heart
So apart just might be the best that we can do
I say to you, I think we’re threw.

M-I didn’t know it’d be this way
I never thought of all the right words to say
And it’s too late to take it back and dry your swollen eyes
Repair the lies, clear the skies

W- You said it right, Ya it’s too late
A thing so wild is something we should never tame
This was a game played with lives where no one ever wins
If your never in, now that’s a sin

Chorus: Both
Now you’re on your own in your broken home
Filled with a tattered beat up past
With broken frames and shattered glass
Now you’re all alone, walking down that twisted road
Filled with stones to big to throw
And your fields refuse to grow


M- Please won’t you wait for me
You still have something that I desperately need
Yes I bleed for a woman, who used to hold me tight
In hindsight, I can make it right

W – Those words are strong but I’m not blind
I need a man who can stand here by my side
This aint a ride where they’re handing tickets out for free
If you were me, then you would see


Off to Hell

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Well it aint no fun if you really think about it
As the world turns ‘round and around
It’s the same old story that we all seem to face
from the government down to the mail man
They tell you “Get in line, now wait in another line”
Just to be told to wait some more
And after putting in all your time and effort man
The finish line is just a closed door
“Wash the windows mop the floor”

It’s time to turn thepage
Make some real change
It’ll probably take a fist to win
Jump in the basket brother we’re all off to hell again

Do you recall a time of television and radio
When they told you how to think and see?
They tell you to fear the commerads,
Fear sex and drugs and rock and roll
But fear kept us all from ever really being free
And then the change came running and the fear swithed sides
You could see it in the eyes of the enemy
But peace love and happiness just doesn’t seem to work
When they’re pointing them guns at you and me
“Let freedom ring!”


Now, around the world we go, like a big top spinning
And the “fat man” is grinning because we can’t remember a thing
He wants your eyes closed, so we buy that panty hose
and pawn the house off for a two carat diamond ring
Well, have we all forgotten that while our children are starving
We’re feeding the fat man like he’s a king
It’s time to draw our swords, and like a giant scorpion
Let that son-of-a-bitch Feel my Sting!


When The Devil Sings

Written by Tim McCaffrey

It was a night, not too far from here
You wanted to make your old life disappear
So you thought you could swindle a deal
If you recall we had met once before
But the offer that I made you, left you wanting so much more
But your back, SO I will listen to your appeal

Yes you wanted more out of life
Brand new car, more money and a beautiful wife
And you know I can help you live just like a king
You want fancy cloths and shiny shoes
A Stetson hat to get rid of all them blues
Some diamonds in a polished golden ring

Oh, the price you’ll pay for those things
It’s your soul you’ll have to sell
We’ll be dancing when the Devil sings
On your way to hell, on your way straight to hell

Yeah, listen buddy this is the only way to do it
So you and I, we better get right to it
And I don’t want to hear you changing your mind.
I came when you called to these old crossroads
To help alleviate your heavy load
So please, don’t be waisting all my time


Now dot your I’s and cross all your T’s
Been nice knowing you, thank you and please
It’s time for me to hit the road real soon
You made the deal & there’s no turning back
Now you best learn to love all the stuff that you have
But remember to listen to my tune.


Prudence Over Profit

Written by Tim McCaffrey

Tommy liked to live the life of swinging luxury
So he flashed his money for everyone to see
But when uncle Sam came calling
Oh, the king he had fallen
And tommy wound up on skid row in poverty

Now Susie she was greedy, but shje didn’t want to work
So she found herself a man who rolled in dough
But when her bough found a honey
Who didn’t really give a shit about money
She wound up with poor old Tommy on skidrow

That’s why I choose prudence over profit
That’s how I live my life you see
Now, please don’t get me wrong I like some money in my pocket
But it’s prudence over profit for me

Now Jerry he was flippant with his women and his wine
But he wanted everyone to know that he could roll
But when the cocaine it took over
And it bowled old jerry over
It was the blow and not poor Jerry who was in control


Now please don’t think that my whole life’s a drag
I like to hoot and holler it up to
But two in the bush is the same as one in my bag
That’s all I’m really trying to say to you, to you

Well, when I think about it, it really makes me nervous
Because I know that that money can steer you wrong
But if ever I question
I just listen to my own suggestion
It’s the words of wisdom that are written down in our song


Only Way to Win

Written by Tim McCaffrey

We ride at night
Chased by the wind
Into the next lonely town
Sometimes we fight and
sometimes we win
Sometimes we’re faced down in the ground

(It’s a) lonely battle
(Of our) broken dream
(They’re) tales told by other men
We shake and rattle
(and we) Embrace them screams
But we’ll never be taken down again (Why?)

It’s the same old stories you hear everyday
Which of them paths are you and I to choose
All them colors, gonna quickly fade to grey
And the only way to win is to lose.

Pain in my heart
Pain in my side
Which pain is gonna kill me first
Right from the start
He’s in my sights
It’s the blood and bullets that’re gonna quench my thirst

It’s growing dark
I’m growing cold
I thought these guns were drawing fast
You lost the spark
And I’m growing old
Try to be in first has put me back to last



Written by Tim McCaffrey

Dixie’s daughter was a debutant,
a princess in her mind
She’d bark orders, to get what she wants
Never needing to compromise.
Yeah, she was smart, it made up for her looks
But her words would cut right through.
Well, there aint a damn thing that she didn’ty learn from me
That I know now she’s doing with you.

Well you love her now, but she loved me first
I taught her how to split that wood
We twisted the sheets ‘till the bubble burst
How do you think she got so good, man, how do you think she got so good?

Hey, Hey, Hey

The song bird had to leave her nest
To taste the fruit off the vine
When she got to me, we didn’t get no rest
Giving the sight to the blind
We only had a moment, it was plenty of time
To educate her body and soul
We had to get back to the daily grind
So our grind had to be put on hold


The waitress liked to serve it up hot
But the leftovers were always cold
Her cherry pie really hit the spot
And the menu it never got old
Yeah, she was good at serving it up
Enough to give a second look
But she didn’t know a saucer, from a cup
So I taught that little girl how to cook


Do It With You

Written by Tim McCaffrey

 I woke up with my eyes filled with blood
And my body filled with aches and pains
Last thing I remember I was throwing up
I think I told you I’d never do this again (but then I)
Started to get that same old thirst  
and the clock on the wall said noon

We’ll I know it aint right
But I’ll do it every night
As long as I can do it with you

All I see in front of me is a blur
And I think that I’m six drinks deep
All my words they come out as a slur
I know tonight I won’t get enough sleep (and then I)
See your young and beautiful face
Come walking right into view


You think that I’m a mess
Falling apart at the seams I guess
You say you’re waisting time with me
But I have to disagree

I got 86’d from the bar again
So I guess we’ll just mosey on back home
I’m looking to practice a little sin
You aint too angry make me spend this night alone (and now we’re)
Sitting on your comfortable bed
Yeah, you know what we’re gonna do

‘Cause I’m feeling alright
And I’ll do it all night
As long as I can do it with you

‘Yeah,  I’m feeling alright
And I’ll do it all night
As long as I can do it with you

A Revolution

Written by Tim McCaffrey

It’s time for you and me to read between the lines
So we can see just what’s underneath them lies
They got that wool pulled right over our eyes
It’s time for action man, no more questions why

Storm clouds are full, we’ll be coming down like rain
Let’s join forces so they can’t do this again
It’s a revolution

Now take a look at all the garbage that you got
It pacifies you like a vaccination shot
Piles up in landfills just to sit and rot
My blood is burning and the meter’s running hot


Our boys are dying for a dollar they’ll never see
they got us thinking that it’s good for you and me
there’s more of us than them I know you would agree
so grab an axe start chopping down that tree


Web casts and sit coms gonna rought inside your brains
Tolerance of ingnorance is gonna drive us all insane
I can feel my blood start too boil inside my veins
I’ll grow a killing field and rise against the grain

Chorus +
Storm clouds are full, we’ll be coming down like rain
Let’s join forces so they can’t do this again
I ain’t afraid to live this life in sin
I won’t stop swinging man ‘till I know I’m gonna win
It’s a revolution
It’s a revolution
It’s a revolution
It’s a revolution