Tim McCaffrey - Artist


Tim McCaffrey was born in San Jose, CA in 1973, by the age of 16, he started working in his first art studio in Santa Clara, Mike Lee's Very Graphic Art (VGA). At the time the tech world was booming, and Tim got to touch all kinds of designs that would soon have an influence on the rest of the world. Logitech, Apple, Atari were just a few of the companies at VGA that came through their doors. Before Tim graduated high school he got to work with the San Francisco 49rs and the San Jose Sharks, he worked on the Logitech logo and for the man who developed the design and packaging of the Pet Rock and the original Apple Mouse. Tim had daily brainstorming sessions with the Murphy Award winner, Michael Lee.

After graduating high school with honors in Advanced Placement Art, Tim attended the Art Institute in Seattle where he finished top of his class and was mentored by the talented veteran Herb Proske. He soon traveled to the Central Sierras and entered into the world of winter sports where he did the majority of design work in the marketing department at the resort Dodge Ridge. Tim worked at Dodge Ridge for 12 years. From there He started his own studio


Highlights of Skills

  • Strong practical and theoretical foundation in improving production methods
  • Excellent management skills and experience
  • Extensive knowledge of print and online production software tools including: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional, WordPress, Volusion, Constant Contact and Squarespace
  • Proven ability to deliver professional work on time
  • Strong understanding of digital communication process, including creative approach, graphic design, and technical consideration
  • Demonstrated effective time-management capabilities, and ability to handle multiple concurrent projects
  • Experience working knowledge with Macintosh and Microsoft technologies